H O W  T O  C A R E  F O R  Y O U R  C H U N K Y  K N I T S

I use Merino wool and Acrylic wool to knit your luxury chunky knit items. Each wool is super chunky and soft un-spun yarn, which creates tiny fibres that aren’t spun together; forming the super soft, beautiful yarn that makes each product unique, snuggly and cosy.

M E R I N O   Y A R N


Merino wool is said to be the softest and finest wool in the world and I can say that I most definitely agree with that statement.

Our Merino wool comes all the way from South Africa and is odour resistant, stain resistant and water resistant. Merino wool also reacts to body temperatures, therefore, helps people stay warm in the cold and cools people down when they are warm.

As Merino is stain resistant, spot cleaning can clean any spillages. Use a damp cloth with cold water and gently dab the area with the spillage.

Blankets made out of Merino can be aired out by shaking it out which plumps the wool and freshens it up! Dry cleaning ONLY.

Pilling may occur over time as the item is used, however, this is NOT a defect, it is simply the nature of the wool.

If pilling does tend to bother you, you can simply trim these areas with sharp scissors or gently pulled away by hand.

As Merino is more durable than acrylic wool, therefore, it is recommended that items are used for decorative use with the occasional use. The more it is used the quicker it will pill. Love your Merino and take care of it.

A C R Y L I C   Y A R N


Acrylic yarn is man-made therefore, offering a great alternative for Vegan friendly and also, is a more affordable luxury item.

If necessary acrylic yarn can be washed but only on a cool wash or by hand. If you wish to wash your blanket, please wash on a gentle spin only and dry flat.

Washing an Acrylic blanket would also depend on the size of the washing machine and the size of the blanket.

DO NOT tumble dry.

We would recommend that acrylic items are used mostly for decorative use in order to give it a longer lifespan, as acrylic is more prone to shedding, more so than Merino which is reflected in the price point of the products. This is due to there being more friction in acrylic yarn.


Again, pilling may occur over time as the item is used, however, this is NOT a defect, it is simply the nature of the yarn.


Please make sure you have read the above before purchasing your items.

Love your wool as much as it will love you!

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