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W H A T  S I Z E S  A R E  A V A I L A B L E  I N  A L L  O F  T H E  B L A N K E T S ?


I offer a range of sizes from XS to XL. All sizes are stated in the description of each product. If you require a size which isn’t available in the drop down menu, then please, email at blanketsandco@outlook.com using the following template:

Contact Number:
Shipping Address:
Type of Wool:
Required Size of Blanket (Measurements in cm):
Colour of Wool:

H O W  L O N G  W I L L  I T  T A K E   F O R   M Y  O R D E R  T O  A R R I V E ?

All orders have a 2 – 3 weeks turnaround, however, I try and create your product, package and dispatch as soon as the wool arrives, depending on demand. Therefore, your order may arrive before this time scale but to be precautious, please allow 2 – 3 weeks for your order to arrive at your door.

H O W  D O  Y O U  K N I T  T H E  P R O D U C T S ?

I literally make all of the products by hand. I do not use knitting needles. Nothing against, knitting needles as I love using them but I find it is quicker to do by hand and also, less weight on my arms!! (Although, I have definitely built up some muscles within the past year!!)



C A N  I  W A S H  Y O U R  P R O D U C T S ? 

Please see the ‘C A R E’ page which goes through exactly what you can and cannot do when cleaning your chunky knits.  Please pay close attention to this page before purchasing or using your product.


W I L L  I  L O V E  M Y  P R O D U C T  F R O M  B L A N K E T S & C O ? 

Slightly biased here, but most definitely! Within the past few years, I have fallen in love with knitting and chunky knits have now turned an old fashioned hobby into a modern interior for homes. Knitted items make everything cosier and with the luxury chunky knit, you just cannot go wrong!

 B L A N K E T S  A N D  C O  

K  A T I E  A S T L E  H O M E


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