Hello lovelies! I hope you and your families are all keeping well and staying safe! Life is so strange right now and extremely scary isn't it? Watching it all unfold and living through the uncertainty of what is going to happen next and not knowing when it is all going to be over. Throughout all of this, I have realised how much of an impact every person has when we work alongside each other with empathy and kindness towards one another.

If anything, COVID19 has taught us that there are so many temporary things in life, some of which we think our lives revolve around, work, gym, shopping, etc. and yet every day we are learning to live without them. Social media is doing an amazing job right now in terms of keeping us all connected and socialising throughout this difficult time, however, it can so easily consume us with negative thoughts. What we need is already what we have or what is available to us every single day. We don’t need the next bigger, better, faster thing. It is all materialistic and temporary because what do we do with it all, when we’re having to isolate ourselves from the world? It all becomes meaningless. If you have love, you’re already winning.

All of the Sundays that we have dreaded because Monday was soon approaching and we have to go to work, turning down invitations to see people because we wasn’t in the mood, being able to walk in to a shop and buy basic food… all of these things that we are currently unable to do for the foreseeable future. It is now becoming apparent how much we should value what we have and how lucky we are to have it.

It is sad that something like this has to happen in order for us all to realise what the important things are in our lives and what truly is a necessity when it comes down to it.

When this has all blown over, of course, we will meet our friends and family and go for a pint, a walk, to the shops or to a football game… but at least we will appreciate and be forever grateful for being able to do those things. I hope that people focus on what we DO have in life and not what we DON’T have. For once in our lifetime, the whole entire world is focused on one thing and I hope throughout all of this, we will all learn one thing, that one thing being, GRATITUDE. The greatest wealth is health. Sending all of my love to you and your families <3

Stay safe. Love Katie x x x


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