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Updated: Jan 11

Hello lovelies, I hope you're all well and had a lovely Christmas and New Year! People always say 'New Year, New Me' and I've kind of never really thought about it in that way, I have just kept going along with whatever I was doing at the end of the year going in to the new. However, this year, I don't know whether it is because it's a new decade that has made my mind work or think in a different way or because of the readings I have been watching on Youtube (Just to let you know... I am really in to Astrology, so you might hear me referring to this a lot - you have been warned!!) But anyway, I have been trying to explain this to my family and friends but I can't, something seems to have changed in my mindset and in a positive way. So, I went with the cliche, of 'New Year, New Me' but by implementing this in to my business as well as myself. I have created a website, started this blog and completely changed my branding, colour scheme and logo! Start of My Business Venture In September, it will be six years since I started at University studying Interior Design and every single day my desire to create and design grows more and more. **INSIGHT** (As well as Blanket&Co, I am also, going to start blogging interior trends and inspiration!). Blankets&Co first came to light when I was looking for inspiration for my bedroom. I was scrolling on Pinterest and I found a beautiful white bedspread against grey walls and splashes of pink for the accent colour and a beautiful unusual blanket spread across the corner of the bed. That was the very first moment that I saw a chunky knit blanket. I immediately started to research them, materials, prices, styles.. I was in LOVE. At the time I had just finished University and I couldn't afford one at the time, so I let the idea of having one go (I said to myself that I would save up for one but for everybody that knew how I was back then, well, we all knew that that wasn't going to happen so I was secretly waiting for Christmas to add it to my Christmas list!). I started to look in to arm knitting and thought I would give it a go. I made a trip to Hobby Craft and started my first project. I have to say I was very impressed with how well it turned out, at first I wondered how on earth all of these hoops wrapped around my arms and hands, was going to end up in to a blanket.. but it did! My friend visited from London for the weekend and as the girls and I were showing her around the house, she walked in to my bedroom and asked where I had bought the blanket which was on my bed from, being modest I just replied 'oh I made it myself'. She couldn't believe it, she thought I had bought it from Next or Ikea she said. I was in total shock, I'd had a few comments from the girls before saying it looked nice but for somebody to think this was actually bought from Next or Ikea?! Wow. **LIGHTBULB MOMENT** The lightbulb moment which then turned into Blankets&Co. After this, I spoke to my parents and friends and expressed my thoughts and ideas and to my surprise everyone was behind me supporting all of my ideas. At first I thought I'd get the response of 'Yeah okay Kate, here's another one of them ideas, we'll see' but they were all so invested and truly believed in me which is why I had to give it a shot and I did and this is where I am now.

Here is the first ball of yarn I purchased sitting on the first ever blanket I created.

If you have got this far and haven't got really bored along the way... thank you for reading my first ever blog. Please keep an eye out for all of the upcoming blogs!

Lots of love, Katie x


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