Lavender Breeze Clamshell Wax Melt

Lavender Breeze Clamshell Wax Melt

SKU: Lavender Clamshell
Hand poured with 100% pure organic beeswax combined with coconut oil. 

Each wax melt is loaded with the maximum percentage of fragrance oil to fill your home with a lasting scent.
An unmistakable version of the herbal lavender that is perfect for encouraging relaxation and forming a calmative ambiance. 
Beeswax and fragrance oil mixed with dried lavender and thyme.
Fragrance oil is vegan friendly, cruelty free and CMR free.
I recommend using one to two cubes at a time, depending on the size of your burner. 
Please note that colors might vary due to computer monitor settings/lightening and every batch of wax melts being unique.

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